Bullying is a common problem in both the American schoolyard, and the American workplace. Bullying is usually defined as repeated and intentional cause of physical and/or emotional harm. Bullying usually surfaces in surprisingly young ages. If bullying is not corrected and discouraged however, it can carry over into adulthood.

Schoolyard bullying is a purely mental affair. Some children are more prone to bullying than others. When these children enter high-school though, it’s more of a tradition. Seniors have been bullying freshman for many years and not until recently has that been frowned upon in many schools. As depicted in several older movies seniors had full right to humiliate the freshmen with no repercussion. I have heard stories of freshmen being locked in trunks with full bottles of hard liquor and being told by seniors they couldn’t come out until they finished it. If that happened in today’s society the kids would be sent home and the seniors might even be arrested. Our society has changed dramatically in this matter, and for the better. There is no place or excuse for bullying.

Workplace bullying is an even more shameless matter. This is usually caused by people not being taught that it is wrong to bully people. Another cause of workplace bullying is peer pressure. If there is an employee who is considered unpopular, other employees may encourage bullying him. This is obviously more likely to be emotional harassment than physical. However, emotional harassment is more likely to push people to suicide. Workplace bullying should be handled by a confrontation of an authority and asking the employees to grow up and restrain themselves.

Bullying has actually been considered to be a genetic disposition recently. It is hypothesized that people receive genetic codes that cause them to be more aggressive, providing that’s the cause of bullying. It is also argued that bullying is not caused by self-esteem issues. There was a small study conducted which had mild-mannered students and students with a history of bullying, watch a video with someone harming another person. The surprising result was that a part of the brain that communicates pleasure, lit up within the bullying students. This insinuates that bullies actually physically and emotionally enjoy harming other people. Because the study was done in such a small group it cannot be considered a flawless result, however even the implications are disturbing.

Bullying must be cut off from children’s mindsets early in life or it could cause a major problem in our society. To enjoy causing harm to another person is a disorder that is simply unacceptable as an adult. If your child is suffering from bully abuse or even showing signs of aggressive behavior themselves, do not shrug it off as a part of growing up. Solve the problem to do both the bully, and the bullied a favor.