There are several problems that arise in schools these days and bullying is the number one problem children are facing. Bullying has been an ongoing problem for several years, but only recently has it become an increasingly horrific dilemma. As a direct result of their bottled up emotions from being bullied, more children are seeking revenge and becoming bullies themselves. When bullies take their anger and aggression out on innocent people, more serious problems are to follow. The act of bullying can lead to much more severe violence such as homicide and suicide. Bullying is an increasingly severe problem that must be extinguished.

Bullying involves the physical, emotional, and social attack on a person who is unable to fend for themselves. Bullies have two specific components: repeating harmful crimes and an imbalance of power. This means that bullies often repeat the harmful crimes they commit as well as target people who are smaller, mentally incompetent, or both, but if the victim is bigger or perceived as competent they have a greater chance of escaping bullying.

Bullies can take on different roles from minor innocents of pushing, hitting, spitting, or spreading rumors, to more dangerous acts such as assault, theft, public humiliation, or assault with weapons. When bullies are not punished sufficiently situations become more dangerous, putting children at risk for further injuries.

Males tend to bully more often than females and they often do it in a much more physical manor. Females, on the other hand, are more likely to damage mental and emotional states when bullying. Generally, it has been found that males rarely act alone when taking on the role of a bully. Unfortunately, bullying does not end at elementary school; rather it is the beginning of a long string of actions that cannot be cured per say, but is usually grown out of. Most males stop bullying at age 15, shortly after most females give up the act at age 14. However, as you may notice, the act of bullying never really goes away entirely.

Bullying can lead to more extensive problems, many of which have been seen in the news often over the past decade. Clearly, the largest problem in this aspect is school shootings. Most school shootings and acts of violence are a direct result of bullies and bullying. While there were such acts of violence beforehand, Columbine was the first school shooting that hit home and truly rocked the nation. Following Columbine was Virginia Tech, Jokela High School, SuccessTech Academy, and many more horrifying violent incidents in schools worldwide.

Bullying needs to come to an end and the sooner the better. Discovering the perfect solution is only half of the battle to extinguishing bullies and their corrupt behaviors. Educating students, faculty, staff, parents, and officers is just the beginning. There must be specific consequences for these sickening actions, if and when they occur.

There are different procedures that can be taken in order to stop bullying and prevent it from continuing. One option is to place a police officer in a school. Many schools already have an officer that is assigned to schools to protect students and help faculty stop violence. If schools do have a police officer patrolling their hallways, some sort of evaluation must be put into place to ensure the officer is effectively doing his or her job. The officer must be involved with the students and faculty, attempting to solve or at least address several school issues, including bullying it.

It is also important to get all faculty, including teachers, administrators, and officers involved. Now that the adult figures are involved it is time to educate. If schools faculty, staff, and officers help educate students bullying is less likely to occur. The more children are aware of the problem the easier it is to dispose of it, especially if it is addressed at an early age.

Another important factor of the bully elimination equation is parents, as they must be involved as well. Parents are an important aspect that is sometimes overlooked, but who is better to influence youth?
After all, parents do generally spend a great deal of time around their children as it is, so it might as well be put to good use. Juveniles may be sophisticated and well informed in bullying while at school, but as soon as they get home all of that knowledge is forgotten, that is unless parents also reinforce the importance of not bullying. Adding all of these factors staff, faculty, officers, and parents together, we come up with a potential solution for making bullies invisible.

In addressing the problem of bullying, victims must not be forgotten as we examine the bully themselves. Victims also have to be taken care of, and by this I mean victims need to seek the appropriate attention in order keep psychologically healthy. If victims are not helped, then the process of bullying starts all over again. It will forever be an ongoing problem if proper action is not taken.