Bullying and self Esteem Issues

If anybody tortured and tormented somebody all day, naturally their self-esteem and self-worth is going to collapse.  As a society, we have to just look at the number of high-profile suicides making the news as the result of bullying, ie criminal harassment that has gone on in schools.  Children have literally been harassed to the point of taking their own lives.  This form of behavior has gone on in the school system for generations and has affected the esteem of millions of school kids over the generations, simply because it is blatantly cruel and vicious behavior.  This has been focused out of sometimes apparent or sometimes non-apparent sexual preferences, poor kids, morbidly obese students, racism, appearance of kids and the such. 

There are times when the bullies were bullied, beaten, or elsewise physically and mentally abused by other kids, parents, older siblings and other family members.  Sadly enough, behavior like these is learned and acquired through the entertainment industry and Madison Ave. over what somebody should look like, wear and have as possessions.  Students who are deemed poor, don’t aesthetically match up, who may be obese also, not have the right body type can be subjected to enormous riducule, shunning and hazing at schools.  Children, who have to endure this, are subjected to heavy blows against their psyche, mindset and personality.  They are made to feel less like a normal human being simply because they don’t have the right fashions, styles-and feel totally out of place through this malicious harassment.  Or, they already feel less than nothing by their peers, who may just snub and shun them. 

Either way, deep damage is done.  Tell a fourteen year old boy or girl they’re fat, ugly and walk around in rags and you have a child suffering from technically abuse.  Whether we are fourteen or beyond, we all interact with each other everyday in one way or another.  Unless somebody has resigned themselves from the human race to like in a cave, we are going to be around people who may not be very nice at times.  For school-age children, it’s worse because they have far less experience and are more vulnerable and fragile.   Fortunately, there is a growing awareness of this problem and strides are being made to neutralize this ugly and malevolent behavior.  Until then, every negative word and phrase spoken to students is like a fist packing a concrete block hitting them.