Bullying Behavior the Role of the Target

The role of the target is to advertise:

Some people have ‘ victim’ almost stamped on them.

Having watched numerous groups, from small children to adult students, I can pin point those who are likely to be bullied. The way to be a target is as follows

1) Always agree with the strongest personality in the room. Whatever they say, agree with it. This will let them know you can be easily manipulated.

2) Change your view according to who is speaking – have a point of view by all means but change it when someone who is louder, bigger or more persistent is speaking.Show this by nodding your head, trying to look thoughtful and paying close attention even if they talk rubbish. This lets others know you are easy to get on their side and can be made to change your mind and support even bad ideas, so long as they force you to. It also makes them dismiss any opoinions you express as they know you will change them easily.

3) Suddenly have an outburst – just when people think you are pleasant and quiet do something which is totally unacceptable. Bare your bum, make a racist comment or sexist remark. That will make you different from the rest – in the worst way- and let others know you are ripe for bullying.

4) Try so hard to become part of a group. Speak when no one is speaking to you and then do not shut up – make them listen! Offer a coffee or dinner as soon as you meet someone new. This lets others know you are desperate – ripe for bullying.

5) Wear clothes that are out of fashion an chosen by your mum – this lets everyone know that you are bullied at home and elsewhere- so more likely to be a victim for them.

6) Always react – whatever someone says or does to it – whether it is good or bad, always react, never ignore it and never move away – this lets them know you are a victim ready at all time for bullying.

7) Never report it if you are bullied – if you are ignored, accept it, if someone is rude to you, just smile- this lets the bully know they can pick on you whenever they like and there will be no consequences.

8) Come back for more – if you are bullied, put yourself in the same place, same situation with the same people again and again. This will ensure the bullying continues and if you don’t report it, there you are – victim!

So there you have it – the role of the victim – easy really isn’t it? Hopefully, now you see how easy it is you will never ever be a victim.