Bullying Ben Vodden Bullying Death

Bullying can result in death

Bullying has been around for a very long time it harms the victim in many ways. However, no matter what the consequences are for bulling, it is so common that almost everyone has been a bully or a victim at least ounce in their lifetime. In a study on bullying by the University of British Columbia based on 490 students from Grades 8-10: 64 per cent of kids had been bullied at school, 13 per cent bullied other students regularly, and 64 per cent considered bullying a normal part of school life. Sometimes bullying causes a lot more then discomfort, it can sometimes even cause death like in the case of 11-year-old Ben Vodden.

Ben Vodden an elementary student was found unconscious in his room by his father with shoelaces wrapped round his neck and tied to his bunk bed. Ben was bullied by kids and was called very bad names at by his bus driver. The bus driver helped to label Ben with the names “Masterbate”, “Billie No Mates”, and “Dickhead”, by calling him these names in front of his peers. Ben was pronounced dead at Worthing hospital.

Bullying is aggressive and repeated behaviour caused by an imbalance of power or status. Bullying comes in many different forms from slapping, kicking and other physical abuse to verbal and cyber bullying. About three in 10 kids are affected as a bully, a victim or both, according to a 2001 study of students in sixth to 10th grade.

Bullying affects not just the victim and the bully, it affects everyone near them, family, friends and anyone else they are close too. The audience plays a major role in bullying the audience they can choose to support the bully or help the victim. The audience also have the power to change the bully’s mind by over powering him/her.

Bullying is something that should not be tolerated and can be stopped. A bully is just someone who is in need of attention and torments others to get the attention that he wants, one of the best ways to stop bullying is to just walk away. Bullying is a issue that many kids face at school it can range from verbal to physical bullying. It is not a pleasent experience for many kids that that to face with this painful and unfair problem the is effecting many schools today.