Bullying in Schools

I do not wish to belittle what some students go through at school with regard to bullies, but has anyone put much thought into the topic of teachers being bullied?
One day, earlier this year, I was, working in my classroom, preparing for the next class, which was not due to start for a few minutes. The students arrived, and began taking their seats. Then another student entered the classroom, one who was not supposed to be there. I moved away from what I was doing, and politely asked him to leave. Not only did he choose to disregard my request, he instead decided to take a seat at the back of the classroom.
So what were my options? I could ignore him, and continue with the lesson, which was now due to start. But I knew this student. He was in my room in order to show off to his fellow students. He would not sit quietly at the back of the room while I taught my lesson. No, this student would interrupt, more than once, with silly questions, designed to obtain him more attention. Ignoring him was not an option.
Another choice I had would be to call admin, one of the principals, and ask them to come to my class to remove him. But I did not want to do that. Admin prefers teachers to deal with their own problems, and quite honestly, so do I.
So I continued with my third option, which was to ask him again to leave. I obviously could not touch him, or push him out the door. That would be considered abuse. Well, actually, I considered what he was doing to me abusive, but in my school, and probably in many others, there are no real consequences for that.
Again this student ignored my request, and now he was laughing. He had the attention of the class, and he loved it. At this point I forgot about being polite, and sternly told him to leave my classroom. I walked towards the phone, obviously suggesting that I was going to call the admin. The student arose from his seat and walked calmly to the door. Then he took hold of the trolley on which I had my overhead projector, and proceeded to take it with him out of the classroom. Despite my commands for him to leave it in the classroom, this student took my trolley down the hallway, laughing as he went. Eventually he decided that he had made his point, so he left the trolley half way down the hallway, and continued on his way, laughing as he went.I retrieved my overhead projector, and returned to my classroom to teach my lesson.
Of course I communicated the whole incident to my admin, but neither the principal nor the vice principal responded back to me about it. I had expected they would call the student to the office, give him a couple of detentions, and insist that he apologise. But that did not happen. I was bullied by a student, and no one did anything to put it right.