Bullying in the School System

Most people can agree that schools is becoming more and more of a problem. It is sad however, when the parties involved can not seem to agree on who is truly the bully and who is the victim. Some parents are in such denial that their child is a problem that they have to find someone else to place the blame on. Bullying happens in many different ways. Bullying can be someone pushing or shoving someone, or it can also be verbal like name calling and teasing. Instead of wasting time finding someone to place the blame on, we need to be spending our energy on educating people about bullying and the consequences of it. 

Some schools are at a loss as to what to do to educate our children about bullying. We tend to see it more and more in the school systems, but sadly it does not stop there. It happens in after school activities and in other social settings. Bullying in a way can also happen in the home where abuse is taking place. In order to get this to stop, why not bring the parents into the schools and educate the families together on the consequences of bullying and how to get it to stop. Some parents may be so busy with their work schedules and social lives, that they may not even be aware of the full extent of what may be going on in their child’s life. 

Most schools have a parent night, or an open house, and sometimes even a family reading night where the families all get to come into the schools and read together to promote the importance of reading as a family. If we can have events like these in the school system, then why not have more family events on bullying and the consequences of it, and how to get it to stop. There is not a better way to educate people about this that right where it is taking place. 

If you or someone you know is being bullied, there are ways to report it and get help to get it to stop. Bullying should not happen to anyone for any reason, and should not be tolerated especially in the school system. There are lots of people that you can go to for help if you or someone you know is being bullied. You can tell a parent, teacher, coach, sibling, another relative like an Aunt or Uncle, principal, police, counselor, or a friend and maybe that friend can help you to tell someone that will help to get the bully to leave you alone.