Bullying in the School Systems

Concerning the many articles, currently flooding the internet on how to recognize and prevent bullying in the schools; how it can be stopped, how school administrators want to help, etc., I can only say that the problem is more wide spread than we’d like to believe, and kids ARE still being bullied and nothing is being done about it! Talk is cheap. Schools are no longer anything more than glorified prisons. They can be quite dangerous.
This bullying has been going on for decades- I have experienced it myself in high school, and went through it with one of my teen daughters. The ‘help’ is NOT there in the schools. Many schools today are much like prisons, and now, even weapons, such as guns and knives are brought into the schools. Some schools are even set up with metal detectors. If one cannot afford to send their child to a private school- they may possibly be forced to live with the constant threat of a bully, where not only they- but their families, are in danger.
My daughter was falsely accused of stealing the fund-raising money she had collected for the school from selling Easter eggs. The money was kept in her locker, that she shared with another student. The other student just happened to be an above average student; her mother well-known, respected, and a long-time member of the PTA. In other words, she and her daughter were above reproach. Also, a strange coat ended up in my daughter’s shared locker, and she was accused of stealing that, as well, and was expelled from school. I had to replace the money.
These teens called my daughter nightly, threatening her- I would always make her hang up. When she was accused of the thefts, I took steps- which I was told was illegal, but I felt necessary- and when they called my daughter the next time, I recorded the conversations using a recording device I bought to attach to the telephone. The girls admitted taking the money, and putting the coat in the locker, they also threatened, again, to ‘beat her up’ if she told anyone. 
I marched into the school, with the recording and the principle immediately told me I had done something illegal, and to ‘get it out of there!”. I explained to him what was on the tape, he said he knew the girl and her family, and what I was accusing them of was libel and I could be sued. He exited me from his office.
I took my recording to the school superintendent. He, unlike the principle, was very interested in hearing the recording. He was shocked, once he listened to it.  My daughter was cleared of the thefts
However, this was not the end. Now, my daughter was threatened with being beaten up after school. Each day, after school, she would hide in the school, until after the buses had pulled out. I had to go to the school to pick her up. I reported this bullying to the principle and he did nothing about it- saying that kids ‘always fight’. and dismissed the matter. I got NO help from the school.
Finally, one of the girls did attack my daughter after school and a fight ensued. The bully ended up with a slight concussion in the fight. I was taken to court, by the mother of the girl, I had to pay a fine as well as the girl’s medical bills.  The only positive outcome of all this was that this girl no longer bullied my daughter.
Many times, the parent has no choice but to actually move to another school district to keep their child from being bullied, beat-up and threatened. I have found the school authorities to be of absolutely no help. This goes on daily in all schools and, like it or not, children are suffering, being physically harmed committing suicide and even murdered..Just Google search ‘Murder in the schools’ or watch this enlightening video-
Truth is, we are endangering our children simply by sending them to school, and if it is allowed to continue, the schools are going to HAVE to take action, policing the schools with security guards .