Bullying Students Bullying Teachers

Bullying of is a common phenomenon in many modern day societies. In North America bullying teachers is not uncommon the past few years. It is disheartening and truly frightening when children and young people turn on their mentors. Those types of students have become very crafty at pushing a teacher’s buttons and watching him/her lash out in rage without a care in the world. In fact they thoroughly enjoy it.

Even more worrying is the fact that oftentimes such reactions are filmed on mobile phones and placed on YouTube. Teachers have had verbal attacks by students, have had property stolen or damaged. In the UK there are reports of students and parents bullying teachers online. But why? What was it that made these children stray from their normal path of growing and maturing to become a teacher’s bully?

When one studies child psychology it is interesting to note how forgiving children are and how much they need correct guidance in their lives. What that means is:


So that they feel accepted [this means speaking with one’s child about his/her day, what is going on at school, their interests and providing help with school work.


So that they have proper guidance and feel secure expression of love so that they are reassured [this means hugging, kissing, patting and not making ironic remarks.


Helping one’s child set goals and standards which you help the child meet without oppressive behavior.

When all of the above are true in a child’s upbringing, this individual neither becomes a bully nor will allow others to bully him.

On the other hand, when children have built up aggression from the home and hence their society, (neighborhood and school) depending on the personality and character of those children, they may turn into a bully. This bullying is often, unfortunately, carried into the classroom. The instigator bully of a class will more than likely be one abused in the home but who has a personality that needs to vent this hostility from within himself to the outer world.

This is a person being raised without love, attention or morals. He knows not how to respect, care or love others. For a child to reach the point of bullying his teacher, he has heard demeaning expressions from his own parents not only towards himself but also towards his teacher. Those parents may have actually bullied the teacher for not giving good grades to their child or may have just spoken with the worst possible language to the child about the teacher without even having met her/him.

Consequently, these lost souls vent their frustration and built up anger at the teacher who is an easy target. They will more than likely beat up their younger siblings and other students in school, as well.

Bullied teachers need to seek help on how to handle such students. Running away from the problem might be a last resort in extreme cases, but the best thing to do is to find professional help. Parents need to be on your side, so there must be a school strategy to bring parents in the school, let them know all is not lost and then perhaps in unison teachers and parents will walk on paths to helping promote better students and inevitably an improved society.