Bullying the Affects of Bullying Ezra – Yes

I personally think that schools should really do more to prevent bullying. Why? Because when a student signs up for school, he signs up learn not to be bullied. Bullying is a horrifying thing. It makes a student feel unimportant and weak. Bullying downgrades one’s self-esteem. It also troubles the student’s mind, for example, when student A gets bullied by student B in the morning, student A will keep thinking about the bullying he received from student B throughout the school hours (he will not be able to concentrate.)

I myself have not been bullied before but it hurts me when I see other people getting bullied. I try my best to stop it even though it is my friends. There are two main types of bullying to me, 1) Non-violent bullying and 2) Violent bullying. Non-violent bullying is like name-calling and taunts. Violent bullying is when it gets violent, kicking and punching. Sometimes I feel that schools can do a better job in stopping this. Teachers are saying they are doing all they can but students are still too scared to tell the teachers anything. This shows that they’re not doing a good enough job.  How can the school really do something to protect their students? I have a few suggestions, Firstly; schools could have the police to come annually to give a warning to students not to bully. This could scare some bullies. Also, schools could have special classes to help students deal with their problems.

There are numerous stories in which students come to their school’s grounds with firearms and start massacring scores of people. (At the 1999 Columbine High School massacre, two shotgun-wielding students, both of whom had been identified as gifted and who had been bullied for years, killed 13 people, wounded 24, and then committed suicide.) This happened because students which had previously been bullied in their younger years and are releasing their stress, anger and hatred at their own schoolmates many of which are innocent.

In a recent study, a total of 13 states in the United States have no state-wide law that specifically prohibits bullying in schools, 9 states have the laws which prevent bullying of students. What does that show you?  Schools are simply not doing enough!

Would you like to be bullied? Or would like your child or your friend to bullied? Of course not. So parents, students and teachers must come together and decide on some nation-wide laws which protect students from bullying.