Career Choices for Students who Excel in Earth Science

Earth science in school was one of my favorite subjects. I was really interested in science for a little while in high school, and my freshman year of high school was when we learned earth science. Today I am not really interested in rocks, or what a water table is, but it is good, useful information to have when you want to analyze the Earth, and know where the environment might be going. If you are going to do well in earth science, what careers might be facing you?

The first one that comes to mind is geologist. Having a good base knowledge of the different types of rocks, and minerals that the Earth contains is something that a geologist will need. Having a good idea of how to take the information that you find at a site, and then being able to figure out what that means for the future of the site is good too. Being able to see what the past held for the site, and then being able to analyze what might happen in the future is useful as well.

Secondly you could become a meteorologist if you are good at earth science. My favorite unit in earth science was the weather unit. I don’t know why, but the weather has always fascinated me. From how storms are made, to what makes hurricane, to what makes the warm air and the cold air come about is always something that has interested me. Earth science is a good science to be interested in if you want to be a meteorologist.

You could work at an earthquake center if you are good at earth science. Earthquakes are the most feared thing on the Earth, and we don’t even know that much about them. We know when they might strike, but we don’t know exactly when. You could be a part of a team that studies earthquakes, or any other natural disaster for that measure. It is a fun and exciting career path to pursue.

Earth science might seem boring to some, but there really are some good careers out there for those who excel at the subject. If you are interested in careers in earth science you should contact your teachers, or guidance counselor for more information. They would be able to give you some idea of what it would take to actually pursue the career that you want to get involved with.