Careers in Chemistry

Chemistry, that mixing together of various substances and seeing what happens. It is frequently nothing, sometime foul smelling and occasionally explosive. Chemistry does interest a lot of students, but then they wonder if they can actually make a career out of it and, if so, what kind of career choices does a chemistry major have?

There is always the obvious career choice of Chemistry Teacher/Professor. It is an honorable career and you will have the satisfaction of helping others learn about something you love. You will guide and instruct students in the safe way to mix chemicals, and the wide range of things you can do with them. Teaching is definitely the most noble of professions.

Then there is chemical warfare as a career choice. This does not mean making weapons of mass destruction, this means the warfare between the sexes, scents, also known as perfumes and colognes! Some has to mix those chemicals together and produce those esters or extract those essences to make people smell better, and the chemist is the natural choice. You can make nice smells as well as bad ones!

Then there is the warfare against pests, not the neighbor but insects and plants. Pesticide Producers employee a lot of chemists, not only to mix up the products but in research to find new ones, discover easier or better ways to produce them or for fixing problems when something goes wrong! It can be quite an exciting occupation!

There is also careers in materials production that require a lot of chemistry, and it is a growing field. Materials? That means clothing (Nylon, rayon, polyester), plastic producers, building supplies (Tile coatings, insulation and paints)d even synthetic materials for use in automobile construction. All use chemists!

There is also the fuel industry that constantly employees chemists. They are always trying to improve purification and extraction methods, find new uses and find new chemicals to improve fuels usage or alter it drastically! Major petroleum companies have numerous grades of chemists. Even nuclear power plants employee chemists, they are needed for testing reagents and by-products of the nuclear station.

One cannot forget the ancient career choice of the student of chemistry, health! Many Chemists do become doctors, but many more become pharmacologists! To do this, you need to be very careful as people’s lives will depend on it! You can work for a pharmacy, or do medical research, both choices are open!

Other career choices for students who excel in chemistry are out there, but these should give one a basic place to start!