Childcare Education in Public Schools

Child Care Classes

Parents claim all the time that children do not come with a handbook or even training. In addition, when parents want an evening out they must find a babysitter and usually look to the teens around them. Who prepares these teens for the task?


The society needs the teens to be versed in parenting skills. Babysitting offers a low cost option for parents and a part-time employment options for teens not available for mainstream business employment. The teen may only have a few hours to babysit or may not be within the age limits for industry.

Within our lifetime, very few people ever get through life without having to accept the supervision of a child so everyone needs to have skill. Society must depend on teens to care for younger members of the family during a crisis. A crisis is not the time for a teen to learn the skills needed from the school of hard knocks. Others might be the only one available to care for a child even though they never raised children of there own or did not have a childcare aptitude. They might not have an aptitude but are a responsible person who possess basic value of humanity and would step up to care for the little ones. They are going to want the basic knowledge even though they might not require it on a daily basis.

In the sixties, a high school provided a two-week program in their home economic classes in which young children came to the school and a teacher taught a child care unit. Many high schools no longer have home economic programs due to a perceived bias towards the program as against feminist values, but all need childcare no matter the sex.


School systems must find the means to provide this training for all students. The requirements for graduation have been increasing at a rapid rate so simply adding another class would cause stress to an overloaded system. There is a means to accomplish the task.

Some students have an aptitude for childcare and others need childcare. There are students who will leave high school and enter early childhood programs to learn the skills for day care centers and preschools. Vocational programs to begin the students along this path with the opening of a child based day care center for the working poor or anyone else who would value the program.

These students with an aptitude would be the mentors for the students fulfilling the requirement of a two-week class in the program for all students. The students can offer a program where every high school students work in groups that rotate within the day care center and other topics needing shorter periods. With this unit, the student graduates with basic child care knowledge.

Care for our children should occur and it has become necessary that we make way for all to get the training necessary. Children do not come with a handbook, but programs in school could provide as they do for automobile safety.