Children who Bully the Art of Destruction

Bullying is a serious crime among students in elementary, middle and high school. As a parent of two children in middle school; trust me this is a serious issue. Usually, when a child bully’s another student he or she has issues they are dealing with at home. In most instances the child may be physically or mentally abused by someone in the home. This is definitely a problem that needs to be addressed by faculty members in the school, as well as the parents.

A child’s behavior in school is usually a reflection of how they conduct themselves at home. Students are known to act out when they are seeking help from someone. The student begins to take their frustrations out on other students by bullying them. There could be a number of problems a child who bully’s other students is facing at home or in school. Teachers spend most of their time with students and at some point should be able to determine if a student has behavior problems. Each incident should be documented and brought to the attention of the counselor and principal so that the parents can be made aware of the problem. Parents must be willing to work and communicate effectively with the school to rectify the child’s problems.

The school staff should never take bullying lightly, because this is a serious situation. It becomes a problem for the child who does the bullying, and also a problem for the student who is being bullied. The student on the receiving end of the bullying will at some point began to act out. Then the problem with bullying has increased. Bully’s should be disciplined the very first time the incident takes place, because it is a serious problem that can sometimes put other students in danger.

As adults, instead of pointing fingers teachers and parents must realize that when a child is bullying another student, it becomes everyone’s problem. There needs to be a round table discussion so that teachers and parents can be made aware of the issues that arise when bullying starts. Schools should always enforce a zero tolerance rule for bully’s.

In conclusion, parents, teachers and staff all fell that bullying is a problem. However, no one knows how to deal with the situation at hand. Students who bully need to be made aware that their actions have consequences that can negatively impact another student. Awareness in the schools is a great way to communicate the problem with bully’s to students, parents, and staff. There is an old saying, “It takes a community to raise a child”, therefore it is everyone’s problem when there is a bully in the midst.