Classroom Decorting Ideas Leaning Environment Back to School

One of the best ways to decorate your classroom for an incoming class of students is to think outside of the box. Don’t buy the most popular products at your local teacher supply store. Children are individualistic by nature and they should not be subjected to a classroom to learn that looks like every other classroom they have been in. Your classroom should reflect your individual tastes without looking like every other classroom in the school. Choose some interesting people that you will be teaching about and post their biographies and some interesting facts about them up on your walls. You can also put some common phrases in a foreign language that is spoken in a country that you will be teaching about. That way they can learn a little bit of something that may be of interest to them outside of what they are required to learn according to the curriculum.

Another great idea for decorating your classroom is to leave an area blank and let the students decorate it themselves to make it a little personal to their individual style. It will not only be fun for the students but it will also give them a sense of ownership to the classroom and help motivate them to learn while they are there. Setting aside this special space for the students to decorate will also make things a little easier on you because of the reduced amount of space that needs to be decorated before the first day of school.

If you have learned through your years as a teacher that many students struggle with similar materials, maybe you could find decorative items that display this information on the walls so that they are exposed to it all year long and have extra time to master it before they are required to study it for a test or a quiz. Anything from math concepts to certain people that they will need to learn for history, they will have a better chance of getting less stressed out about it if you can somehow creatively post it on the walls of the classroom.

In general, kids learn better when you make the learning environment more fun for them. If you can give the classroom a more fun feel than they are used to, you have already won half of the battle in getting them to be the best students that they can be. Stay in tune with the latest trends and keep up with who is popular in music, movies, and fashion and you will be able to incorporate some of these people that they can identify with into your decorating. For example, you can use all of the humanitarian efforts that are put forth by people like Angelina Jolie and Madonna to help the kids learn why it is important to give back to not only your community but the world you live in. Small things like that will help you better get in touch with your students and will help them to like you and identify better with you, which will ultimately make them a better learner in your classroom.