Classroom Essentials

In order for students to be adequately prepared for their lessons, they must come to class with certain essential equipment. This consists mainly of personal stationery, in order to get down to the practical application of learning.

Every student must have a blue pen, a black one, and a spare of each. A good clutch pencil with a pack of lead, or a standard HB pencil and a sharpener are also essential. I would recommend a spare pencil too. An eraser, glue stick, blunt-nose scissors and a 30cm ruler are also to be included as far as essential stationery goes.

Then, depending on the level of the student, subject-specific equipment may be required. For math, a set of mathematical instruments usually required from primary school level must contain a protractor and a compass at least. Needlework and art classes at elementary, primary and high school levels will obviously have their own specific equipment requirements. This will vary from school to school depending on how much of the equipment the school provides for students, and how much they are expected to bring themselves. Gym and music equipment will also vary according to level and school-specific requirements.

A standard punched exam pad is always a good item for students to carry, at every level. It is useful when students have to brainstorm, do ‘rough’ working out- in math for example- and sketches. With younger children though, it is good to check that they are using the blank paper wisely and not merely wasting it away.

Prescribed textbooks and writing material for each subject must be with students when they come to class. Whether they will have to buy these themselves or obtain them at school will again vary from school to school. Things like dictionaries and thesauruses are not usually provided by the school, but are quite essential for students to have from primary school.

A sturdy backpack or shoulder bag to carry it all should be a student’s companion throughout the year. Opt for better quality rather than the cheapest option, and it should last considerably longer. Look for a guarantee of a year or two on certain brands to make sure you are getting value for your money. Laptops are fast becoming the working tablet of many a school, and mandatory for students to have. While they are largely not ‘essential’ equipment yet, it seems they soon will be.

Finally, besides the above class essentials, a good wholesome lunch will always stand a student in good stead!