Common High School Fears and Process to Deal with them

Often it happens that you underestimate your child’s fear when he/she is stepping into the high school years saying that they are childish in nature. But you as a parent should not do that. How many times have you not listened to your boy or girl who has tried discussing his/her fear regarding school with you? If the answer is at least once then you should read this article so that you will know what fears your teenager faces when stepping into high school.

The most common fear is that of misunderstanding

A young boy or girl always is in a dilemma that their parents, teacher or friends will not understand them properly. Though the misunderstanding of the friends is less, still the facts remains that the adults do not understand the thought process of the children or mostly the teenagers. One key thought that haunts them while taking any decisions in the school is that if the elders knew about the idea, they will reject them. Also, a mistake on their part will make them socially incompetent and they will not be able to live up to your expectations. Also, sometimes they might be embarrassed because of their ideas in the matter in front of their friends.

The fact remains that your child can be subject to bullying

Another important factor that should not be overlooked is the phobia of bullying in high schools. Often the new students are forced to complete some actions by their seniors or so called old students of the school in names of introduction. If your child is suffering from such problems, talk to him/her and provide the mental support required in the situation. Do not alienate him/her by saying that it was his/her fault that made them subject of bullying. As a parent, you need to understand the insecurity, the fear and the problems of your child in order to provide him/her with a basic support in the high school years.

The fear of initiation is one which is found in teenagers stepping into high school

When your child is starting his/her first day in high school, he/she will be naturally upset and afraid of the surroundings. The new surroundings will not help in providing comforts or boosting up your child’s morale. However, proper friends can be an advantage in this case. Also, if your child is introvert, he/she may face problems. So, you as a parent should encourage your child to make new friends and to talk to everyone in the class. In this way, the boy/girl will be able to overcome his/her fear of the unknown.

Some steps which you should take as a parent

Since you are the parent who is sending your child to high school, hence you are also responsible for his/her well being. You might have heard of the phrase that charity begins at home. So, you need to prepare your child mentally for the transition in high schools. First of all talk with your child about the school and what is expected of him/her. You should not be too strict about this, just provide a guideline for your child and a general view of how the high school is different. If you want, you can share some experience of your school years with your boy/girl. Also, prepare a schedule for him/her so that he/she does not run late. Another important thing is to make your child describe her/his day at school. In this way, you will get an idea of what he/she does.

If you follow the above rules, you can ease your child when he/she steps in high school.