Common Reasons why People are Bullied

Bullying is a really serious issue today and it can happen to anyone, at any age, and anywhere. There are a few reasons why people are bullied. One main reason is that the bully can be really jealous. If you are someone who is being bullied then you need to report it. Bullying can sometimes lead the victim to many serious health disorders like depression and suicidal tendencies. Today, many school age children and teens suffer from being bullied. No one should have to experience being bullied by a bully. Some other reasons a person can be a victim of bullying is that they are overweight, flat-chested, have acne problems, have bad hygiene, have no friends, have no money or even make bad grades in school.

Not being fashionable and speaking differently is some other reasons. It can be anything about you that the bully cannot stand and you will take a risk of being picked on and pushed around. You should never feel insecure about yourself and always stand up for what you feel is right. Tell someone, like a friend or teacher. Tell your parents as well. Let someone know that you need help with this serious problem. A bully always wants to be in control and have power over the person they are bullying. Do not let anyone control you or give them the power to hurt you. Many teens who have suffered at the hands of a bully have committed suicide or have tried to. This can be prevented just by letting people know that you are being bullied. Being picked on and bullied is not a reason for taking your life. There should be no reason for someone who wants to end their life, especially because of a lousy bully. If you tell someone that you are a victim of bullying and they do not have time to handle the situation, then tell someone else, move on until the situation is handled properly. Call the police if you have to and do what is best for yourself.

You can turn the bully into a cat with a purring attitude if you tell. Some people even choose to fight back, but hurting someone physically is not the answer. Stand up for yourself and tell the bully that you are not afraid and you will let authority know that you are being bullied. Bullying is serious and sometimes it can lead to a legal matter. Sometimes a bully will pick on someone just because it makes them feel better. You can bring the bully down and make them feel really bad by just opening your mouth and telling them that the bullying will end. Don’t let a bully get to you. A bully is person with a serious mental condition and they are a person that shows their weakness through bullying people. The people that laugh when a bully is picking on someone are bullies too. Tell on them all. Do what you can to make it stop. Whatever it takes to stop a bully do it, but make sure that you tell someone that you are being bullied.