Common Reasons why People are Bullied

There are many reasons for people to get bullied in schools, institutions and the workplace. It is hard to pinpoint why some people are more susceptible to being bullied than others

Some people might be more submissive than others and once the bully realises they can get away with being beastly, they will be encouraged to bully the victim again and again. Another reason might be the bully is jealous of the victim. The bully will do what they can to hurt them and make life uncomfortable. The bully could be jealous of virtually anything, the victim’s looks, accent, wealth or position within the company.

School playground bullying is more complex and includes the above reasons and more. The child victim only needs to be slightly different to the crowd. Being different is enough to take the attention of the bully and to single out a child for unwanted attention. Sadly, this can encourage other children to join in the bullying making the victims life intolerable.

Background, colour of skin, accent or even the way a child dresses is enough to be a target by the bully. Bullied children tend to do badly at school as they sometimes do not feel comfortable enough to study properly. Parents of children that are bullied should take action the minute they suspect something is wrong.

Bullying is taken much more seriously by the authorities than a few years ago. Teachers and heads realise how debilitating it can be for a child who is constantly bullied. School heads will often do what they can to correct any bullying problems that come to their attention. Bullies can be segregated and taken out of class. In severe cases, the bully can be suspended from school or expelled.

Anyone who is subjected to being bullied shouldn’t feel it is their fault as fault is always with the bully. The bully is the one with the problems and is likely to be very insecure and they need to endorse their position by the act of bullying. A bully is usually a coward deep down and if they were confronted by the bullied they would often back down. The problem is the victim doesn’t want confrontation and often will allow the bully to continue to harass them.

Sadly school children in extreme cases fear going to school and some have found the bullying so bad they have committed suicide.  Therefore it is absolutely vital these days for the parent to take control when they suspect bullying and contact the school. Teachers and heads these days will be sympathetic and will be as keen as the parent to rectify the situation.