Competition is Healthy

 Competition in the general sense is a good thing and our education system is no different.  Competition in a school environment helps to create an atmosphere where students learn that everything is not going to be handed to them; they must work for what they want.  In society there is always going to be competition.  Examples of completion include for jobs, in jobs and scholarships.  Granted competition can get out of hand but if handled properly it is an important lesson for the leaders of tomorrow to learn at this stage in their life.

In addition to having a positive impact on students it also has a positive impact in the area of sport competition between educational institutions.  Competition for students in a sports environment helps students to develop talents they may never have experienced.  This can lead to a meaningful career as a professional athlete.  Experiencing what it is like to play a sport in addition to the competition can help them to decide whether they want to do it for the rest of their lives or something else.  In a sports environment in addition to the competition aspect is the team atmosphere players learn.  Being a team player is a trait businesses like to see in their applicants. 

The positive advantages of a competitive atmosphere in our educational system is rarely discussed, if ever as it should be.  The need for competition in society cannot be denied.  The lesson to be learned through our educational system is the element of competition and its existence in society before they enter the workforce.   Knowing the aspect of competition through education helps students to be better prepared as they enter the job market. 

We see competition between companies and organizations and this is healthy.  What businesses are looking for are individuals that know the value of competition and how to use it to their advantage to make their organization better.  Learning the value of competition is the right place in our educational system not in the workplace.  Competition brings out the best in individuals and sometimes the worst.  It is important to not only learn the impact of competition but how to respond to it in an appropriate manner.  This comes down to character and integrity aspects of an individual when companies are considering adding to their workforce.  Individuals who display the right attitude with regards to competition will go farther in the workforce than those who use competition in a negative way.