Constructive Activities for Potential Bullies

Bullying is an act that one person commits against another person in order to feel a sense of power over that person. People become bullies for different reasons such as childhood abuse, insecurity, raging hormones, frustration, and boredom.

If you notice that your child or someone you care about is exhibiting behaviors of a potential bully here are a few constructive activities that he can get involved in that deter him from becoming a full fledged bully:

1. Kick boxing or martial arts class

Taking up a kick boxing or marital arts class would be an excellent way for a potential bully to eliminate some of that excess frustration and anger. That way the potential bully in question will have the opportunity to fight with other people who actually want to fight and will fight back. Who knows the potential bully may even get defeated horribly, forcing him to lose all future desire to pick on anyone.

2. Music

Creating music is a fantastic (and very constructive) way to be heard loudly and clearly without verbally abusing or arguing with another person. Edgy music such as rap and rock are also very good emotional outlets. Whenever the potential bully would like scream, cuss, or voice himself, he could grab a pen and paper and write something. 

3. Custodial Landscaping

One of the most constructive activities that a potential bully can do is some good old fashioned custodial landscaping. This is a process in which the potential bully carries around a large plastic bag and goes from door to door  picking up random people’s yard trash for free. Custodial Landscaping is recommended for potential bullies who have been in trouble for the act of bullying in school. This will teach the potential bully how to manage his time better by helping to beautify the environment. Custodial landscaping also includes mowing the lawn.

In all seriousness the most constructive activity that a potential bully can partake in is reading. He can spend time educating himself on what bullying is, what causes it, and how he can fight the urge to engage in it.

Church is also something that a potential bully can get involved in. It cleanses the spirit and the environment is very relaxed and positive. Positivity is contagious so maybe the potential bully can pick up those vibes from some other churchgoing folk.

Lastly, the potential bully can get counseling so that he can get to the root of the problem and try to fix that.


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