Cyber Bullying Internet Bullying Bullies

Internet terrorists!  That’s what they are and they should be charged as such!  People are not comprehending the seriousness of cyber (Internet) bullying.  To be a victim of such a heinous crime is so horrific, it is just unbearable!  There are no words that can truly describe the torturing and suffering that really takes place.

It’s hard enough for young people to fit in somewhere in life.  To be a victim of stalking and bullying is so extremely painful, most targets will end up taking their own lives.  These poor people wake up each day regretting the fact that they did wake up.  They know what the day will bring them and it’s not sunshine and good times with good friends!  What they live through each and every single day is intentionally inflicted severe pain and suffering because they have a bully.  Someone who on a regular basis will spew out evil hatred to these people until they just cannot bear the pain any longer.  It becomes so heart wrenching that the victim just wants it to stop so badly that the only way to get rid of it and stop it forever, is to kill it!  The only way to do that is to kill themselves.

Can you imagine the terrible humiliation and embarrassment that is induced on these young men and women by their bullies?  It is so traumatic for some that they hide.  They never want to be seen in a public place again.  They stay at home and sit alone in their dark bedrooms and silently cry.  They sit there and suffer, not telling a soul.  Most parents think their child is just “going through a phase” or they are “just being a teenager”.  The parents are unaware that their son or daughter had just read a post on the Internet that was directed to them.  The posts that they see everyday left by an anonymous user who tells their victim:  You are ugly, you are a waste of human life, you are a queer and a loner, you should do the world a favor and just kill yourself, you are lazy, you’re useless.  Over and over, day after day, night after night!  They’re on the Internet, in the schools, at the mall and they send you nasty text messages.  It’s all over the place and can happen to anyone.  How would you feel if someone you cared about was going through this and you knew nothing of it?  If we don’t end this now, it could happen.  These young people are subject to endure alarming verbal and emotional abuse. 

The bullies are confessed people who get off on doing this because they say it’s a power trip.  They feel a sense of domination and control.  Some even said they were just being funny.  There is absolutely nothing funny about this!  It is a disgusting crime to go around and viciously attack people for the mere self-indulging pleasure of it!  Devastating some of their victims to the point of cutting.  The pain from physically cutting themselves distracts them from the emotional suffering they are going through.  Sleep is another way out of the pain.  A young man told me that going to bed was the best part of his day. 

Something needs to be done about these criminal acts now!  It’s already too late.  Bullying has been going on forever, but it is different now with the Internet and text messaging.  It’s worse.  People hide behind these tools and say things that maybe they wouldn’t say to another persons face.  It is not taking lunch money anymore, it’s taking lives! 

Although there are several support groups available, they wait for a victim to come to them for help.  No victim is going to become a nark and add that to their daily tortures.  The groups available need to become more active and be very aggressive.  Some are getting involved with elementary schools and using cartoons.  That is awesome!  What would truly help people being attacked right now is if the groups were at the junior high, high schools, parks & rec. and colleges.  They should display the end results of harassment and verbal abuse.  Role playing for sure and to make certain that every student had a turn to play the victim. 

Please get involved somehow!  Talk to your own child.  Communication in the family should start at a very early age.  Discuss everything with your children at a level that they can comprehend and tolerate.  You are their parent, you’ll know right from wrong.  They “need” to talk though.  Even if they act like they don’t want to hear it, they really do!  whether you have a child that might be a bully or a victim, your child needs you just like you need your parents, spouse or friend.  They need you!  There is also a list at the end of this article that will have links you can click on.  You will be able to visit other websites and get more information on how to work with your own individual situation.  Just get involved.  It can happen to anyone and anyone could be doing it.

There are many stories out in magazines and on the news that are stating that the suspects in several cases are complaining about the way their lives are now.  They are saying how they are struggling and being called names.  Have they considered for one minute that if they would have behaved properly, they would not be going through anything?!  Maybe they are still just self-indulging.  They need to do their time and get therapy.  The bullies made innocent young people who just wanted to live their lives their very own victims and blatantly disregarded any consequences for doing so!  The effects of their actions are devastating to all involved.  The targets usually don’t fight back because they are mostly quiet people.  They try to figure out what is wrong with them and fix it.  Honestly!   There is nothing wrong with any of them!   We are all different.  We are all unique and our own individual selves.  Do the bullies think somehow that they are better or superior in some way?  If so, that thinking is way off base!  A lot of the bullies are so chicken themselves that they have to hide behind made up screen names on their computers, do their dirty deeds anonymously or send a text message to their victim because they want to be cool, but they are not cool enough to go face to face!  

the young people who are being so viciously attacked are just people.  Some are quiet, they are kind and caring and they are very talented.  Playing electric guitar, violin, sports etc. They just want to have fun, friends and be okay in life!  They just want to be liked like anyone else did at that age.  bullies need to get so help and learn to live by the “Golden Rule”.    “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”