Dating Etiquette

Many young people go through high school and learn about the basic subjects that have been taught in schools for years.  However, when it comes to taking classes that teach practical principles about life, the class options are few and far between.  Therefore, many high school graduates do not know much about how to act in everyday life unless their parents took the time to show them.  This article will focus on the importance of having a dating etiquette class in high school.  Dating is something the majority of people do and there is a way to do it and  a way not to.

1)  Having a dating etiquette class in high school will allow the dating relationships in the future to be first class.  Courting and traditional dating has lost a lot of its meaning and even know the times are always changing, there will always be a need for dating etiquette.  For example, subjects that could be covered in the class could include wise conversations for a first date, places to go on a first, date, and what to wear for the occasion.  Although these three issues seem to be common sense, common sense isn’t always common and should be taught so the student understands the dating process better.  This is also a good class to have so the parents of the person they are dating will think highly of them.

2)  A dating etiquette class should teach about abstinence!  Many students aren’t educated about the pros and cons of having a date and getting the girl pregnant.  Dating is almost seen as an opportunity to have an intimate relationship when in fact that shouldn’t happen until marriage.  Society goes along with the fact that abortion and sex before marriage is perfectly fine and there is a feeble attempt to teach a class on dating etiquette that could be a help in preventing this.

Many times when ideas are brought to the table about helping young people understand how to date, the immediate reaction is that young people will be young people and that is the end of the story.  However, this kind of class may be more important than understanding the value of Pi and can certainly be added to the curriculum to educate young people on the etiquette of dating and become a great tool in the arsenal of life.