Developing Study Skills

Developing good study skills are important for all children and this needs to be done as soon as possible, in Secondary School if not before. It is the responsibility of the parent as much as the student and will contribute to future success. But what are good study skills and how can they be developed?

Good study skills are those which encourage the student to learn new or difficult material in the fastest, easiest manner possibly so that it can be used later in life, for either practical application or as a basis for future learning. These skills are those needed to not just “survive” in school, but to thrive and advance. Still, how should they be developed?

They are developed through perseverance and proper training, not just at a school from a teacher, but at home by the parent. Teachers may try their best, but the main role models of most children are their parents; every little girl watches her Mummy and every little boy copies their Daddy. Teachers will go over and explain things, but students study at home where the parents rule. So good study skills need to be developed and encouraged at home.

First, sit and do some of the studying with your child, even if you are incredibly busy. This will teach them that studying in important. Make a set time each afternoon or evening to open the books and study. It needs to become a routine as this will develop a continuity that is important for developing these skills.

Next, find things that you’ve forgotten or that have changed, and encourage your child to question. If they, and you, question things, they will study more and learn more, developing a questing mind along with those study skills. It also makes things more interesting for both of you, and you will study more causing your child to see the importance of developing better skills.

Also set goals such as reading a certain number of pages in a book, then question the child about those pages. The child can’t play unless they can answer the questions. Obviously it should be a reasonable amount, not too simple or excessive; you are reading this as well. This causes the child read more carefully, pay better attention, and often learn to read faster as they really have something else to do! These are all essential studying skills that they are developing.

In summary, what are the guidelines for developing good studying skills?

1) Setting a regular time and place
2) Participating in the study time
3) Rewarding them for a job well done with play afterward.

These simple guidelines will develop effective, and essential study skills.