Disadvantages to Mandatory Drug Testing in High Schools – Disagree

For as many benefits as there are to mandatory drug testing in high schools, there are also disadvantages.  It would scare some students and prevent them from doing drugs, but there are some that won’t be intimidated by a drug test.  There are also too many drugs to determine whether a drug found in a student’s body is beneficial or harmful.  There are also ways to fool drug tests.  Finally, they are a waste of everyone’s time.

First, the use of scare tactics.  Scare tactics only work some of the time against a few people.  However, those people that the tactics don’t work against, they will come back swinging.  They will vandalize the school, drop out of school, or start fights.  Obviously, these are large problems caused by mandatory drug testing.

Secondly, there is the sheer amount of drugs available.  There are obviously bad drugs, such as THC and nicotine, but there are also beneficial drugs, such as various antibiotics.  With the sheer amount of drugs that exist in the world, it is almost impossible to tell whether a relatively unknown drug is harmful or beneficial.

Thirdly, there are many ways to fool drug tests.  By drinking large amounts of water before the test, the drugs will be washed out of the student’s systems.  However, if the tests are random, then there is the possibility of the test still being inaccurate.  For instance, a student’s parents could be heavy smokers.  The smoke could make its way into a student’s lungs and then a drug test would pick up the nicotine in the student’s body.  The student would then be punished for their parent’s actions, which is extremely unfair.

Finally, mandatory drug testing would waste the student’s and administrator’s time.  There are three options for times to do the testing:  during class, during lunch, or on the student’s own time.  Pulling a student from class would be a distraction to the learning environment, as well as requiring the student to possibly not understand the concepts as well.  Since students typically only receive 20 minutes to eat lunch, drug testing during lunch would cause the student to not have enough time to eat.  This would cause students and parents alike to become angry.  If a student is required to drug test on their own time, then a parent would have to give them a ride to school, or use their own gas to get there.  Neither is very cost-effective or time-efficient.  Especially since they would be there for 10 minutes to pee in a cup.

In conclusion, there are some benefits to mandatory drug testing.  However, all these benefits are highly outweighed by the disadvantages it brings.