Do Final Exams help or Hinder the Education Process – Help

Let’s get this straight; if you don’t study you won’t pass!

Look, I know tests are hard and unfair at times, but final exams determine if you actually learned something throughout that school year or you spent all year copying homework from a friend. The latter is particularly unfair in many cases because someone who did put the effort into studying is giving out his information just so that you can pass without learning anything.

It is unfair to me how other students used to hand out their homework after arduous hours of effort to other people just to look “cool” or feel like they’re part of that group when they’re not.

Final exams do not demoralize or hinder the educational process because they are basically reinforcing concepts that you should already know and understand. If you work hard and demonstrate it in a final test that will take, say, two hours, there is no need to whine about it.

There are certain cases were tests do not actually demonstrate the level of proficiency you have over a subject, the SAT for one. The Scholastic Aptitude Test was created in order to provide American universities with educational backgrounds from students all over the world, in order to measure their “intelligence” in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics. The problem with this is that they use it as an absolute measure of academic ability when there are so many other areas of expertise they could focus on.

Another issue is that the SAT believes the grades reflected in this test will reflect the grades the student will obtain throughout his/her college years. This, sadly, is not the case. Someone who scored really well during the test could slack of and fail every subject in college, while someone who did not study for the SAT could present himself as a virtuoso and graduate with honors.

But this is not the point; the point is; studying for final exams is important because they show that you are responsible, apt and studious in many different areas. You get the grade you deserve and pass on to the next challenge in your life whether you deserve it or not, in the end you know what is good for you and how it will affect your future.