Do Final Exams help or Hinder the Education Process – Hinder

Final Exams, the words alone spell FRIGHTENING! I believe that many talented, smart and brilliant students fail when it comes to exams, tests or final anythings. It is sad that it is this way anyway.

I know for a fact, that I absolutely freeze when it comes to taking a test, even on a subject I am familiar with. Those grades, test scores or statistics should not be figured in, when determining a student’s knowledge or even IQ.

Everybody is different, kid’s learn differently and this should be considered. I have seen kid’s fail at a test that they studied for for 5 days, they knew the course inside and out but yet when it came time to sit down with the timer ticking, the teacher glaring and the frightening silence of a test room, they failed and failed miserably and I was one of those student’s.

Education simply means being informed, learning, discovering, trial and error and hands on evaluations, not test taking. If you look the word “Education” up in the dictionary it states, ” knowledge acquired by learning and instruction” nowhere does it state test, exam or even final exam.

Children get weak in the knees all the time over the thought of a test or exam and I am constantly telling them, “Relax, do your best, that’s it” we know what they know, what they have learned and what they will use later in life. I am not worried about a graph chart that says what other children are doing, they are not mine, they may have been taught a different method and they may have learned differently. What I care about is the integrity of my child, does he know how to read and write, proficiently?

I believe our Country would see higher numbers in final exams and Statewide test scores if they eliminated the whole test process. They probably would also see a lower number of drop-out student’s and more productive employees if they followed this rule.

There are three ways to learn. There is Auditory, Visual and Sensory. Which one are you? Would you do well in a final exam if all you were given was a clock, pencil, book and paper, if you were a auditory or sensory type learner? No you would not.

People need to be given an opportunity to excel and grow in their own comfortable environment, and un-dictated way of learning.