Do Final Exams help or Hinder the Education Process – Hinder

What is the educational process? In America today the educational process is based on remember a series of facts and information long enough to regurgitate it onto a final exam and go home with a decent grade. The entire process of spending a half of year preparing for an exam doesn’t hinder the educational process as it is set up (and has been set up for a long while). However, the educational process hinders learning.

At a fairly early age, schools stop working on teaching children to love learning, to learn things for pleasure, and to remember what they learn. At some point, parents, teachers, administrators, and even the state and federal government want to know what and how their children have learned. This process introduces testing into a students life. It happens early on and it is at about this age that many kids start hating school.

Testing itself is set up to force you to regurgitate things that you remember. Often it comes with some sort of performance anxiety, especially after time goes on. It doesn’t test what you know, but more importantly, what you remember right this second. As a whole, it changes the focus from learning to being able to remember what will be on the test.

As a student gets older, tests become more and more important. More emphasis is put on doing well on tests. They become a larger portion of the students grade. Parents care more, especially if your test scores are bad. Then school switches from being about just tests to being about tests and exams.

Exams are nothing more then really large tests. The course must be set up so that at the middle and end of the year there are these large tests. Many think this is forcing learning, but rather it is forcing a student to remember facts, figures, and information just long enough to take an exam. After that the permission is granted for forgetting the things you have “learned” and remember only that which is important to you.

Tests and exams as a whole hinder learning with in the education process. The take away the love of learning, make school a nerve racking place, and cause the system to work as one of regurgitation and not learning.

There are many who are reading this going, “Um, no. Without testing we don’t have an educational process!” It is true, that without testing we will no longer have an educational process in the way that we currently know it now. However, we can have educated students, who are well read, well versed, and very knowledgeable about a wide range of topics.

Need proof?
Most students, at some point in their education were required to learn the presidents, why they were important, and what order they came in. If you learned this information you will have been tested on it. What president was John Quincy Adams? Who came before him? and who came after him?

Geometry and algebra work with Pythagorean theorem. What is it? How is it used? And if a=3 and b=4 what is c?

While there are some who are reading this who are English majors, many of us forget the things we learned in English class the moment the test is over. What is a relative clause and how should one punctuate it?

Congratulations if you looked at the three questions above and new the answers. However, most of America has to look up the answer. This isn’t because they were never taught the answers. It is because an educational system based on testing doesn’t work for long term learning and education.