Does Sex Education in Schools Encourage Teens to have Sex

I think schools should be teaching our youth about abstinence. Teach them how to build up there self-esteem. The people I grew up with had really bad self-esteem. They would sleep with every “Tom, Dick & Harry” that came around. That was not good. Today they have had some really bad issues in their life due to the fact that they were promiscuous. It’s not healthy for a child to be taught how to have safe sex. They are not mature enough to know what sex is all about. People, wake up! This is not a play thing. There are STD’s out there. There are rapist out there. There are predators out there. When are we going to learn to teach these kids how to be kids. When are we going to learn how to dress our children and not let them dress themselves as grown women and thugs. It’s our responsibility to teach them how to enjoy being a child. Am I the only one that is putting there foot down on this “mess”. I know we can’t keep our children locked up in a box, but it is our responsibility to tell them it is not right for a child to being having sex with anybody. They are children. They aren’t ready physically or mentally to be having sex. Call me the old-fashioned, but it’s not right. Yes, children are going to sneak and try to get away with some stuff, but it’s our responsibility to teach them at young age about morals and how they should carry themselves in society. I would be very, very, very upset if I found out that my child’s school was encouraging sex. There would be some court appearances and protesting if it was my childs school. This is just plain foolishness and a wait of instructional time in the schools. We need to teach our children that the only time they should be taking off their underwear is to wash it or wipe it. I stand firm on this. I sometimes feel that we need to turn our slogan around from “God Bless America” to “God Help America”. Our society has some serious moralistic issues. I wonder what will they do next or try next. This world is getting crazier and crazier everyday.