Does Sex Education in Schools Encourage Teens to have Sex

Should schools encourage teens to have sex? Well, of course not, but by leaning more towards teaching about safe sex rather than abstinence has them being accused of just that. In an ideal world, teens will wait until their adult and ready, and parents will teach their kids at home about the consequences of sex (and not just STDS and babies). But lets face it. Our country has sex on the brain, and it is drilled into the minds of every person who watches TV or reads magazines and newspapers. Even some children’s movies are guilty of having some very adult innuendos. It’s a loosing battle to try and tell a teenager “just wait until your married” when everything they else their shown in the world tells them otherwise. A big part of the problem is that parents don’t teach their kids early enough. Most middle school kids know more about sex now than some adults. Its pathetic that high schools now have nurseries for teen mothers. Parents may tell their child about sex, but they are not playing an active role in making sure their young adult really understands that what is on TV is not how it works in real life.
If schools don’t take charge of the situation, they will be overrun by teenage parents and kids going to the nurse for their STD pills. They need to teach their students not only the physical effects of premature sexual relationships, but the emotional ones too. They should encourage abstinence, but not forget that most teenagers think adults are old fashioned and boring. High schoolers need to learn it all, and since it’s obvious that in general (but not all) parents aren’t doing a good enough job (and not for lack of trying – most just don’t realize what their kids really know about) it is important that schools pick up the slack.