Does Sex Education in Schools Encourage Teens to have Sex

Schools should definitely have sexual education, but by having sexual education, do schools encourage teens to have sex? As long as sexual education isn’t handing out condoms, contraceptives, or other forms of birth control, I don’t consider it encouraging.
I think that sexual education is a good thing that schools provide, but I think that it could be improved to prevent teens from making rash sexual decisions and being more aware of the consequences that rash decisions can make. Sexual education should focus more on the consequences instead of just telling teens not to do it, because as society know, teens are naturally rebellious and often don’t take well to authority figures telling them what to do.
It’s not right that after 9th grade sexual education stops, or at least it did for me. After 9th grade is usually when teens start giving in to sexual activity, I’m not saying that it is the fact that sexual education stops, but that is when teens often start considering sexual activity and as we know have forgotten a lot from the previous school year; especially sexual education which is only in teen’s science class for 2-3 days. I know that, I lost my virginity in 10th grade along with a lot of others and I also know that I didn’t think about getting pregnant or getting an STD, and the person I lost my virginity too had multiple partners before me and I didn’t know him very well.
This year, my best friend was with four guys on New Years Eve, and the fact that she was with those many people on the same night showed that she had little respect for herself and therefore felt badly afterwards, getting no love from any of them due to lack of relationship. Two weeks later, worried about pregnancy and the signs of an STD, she did a bunch of drugs and overdosed, ending up in the hospital. That night at the hospital, the doctor found that she had acquired genital herpes and for those of you that don’t know, that is a life-long disease, there is no cure. Genital Herpes means burning when you pee sometimes and outbreaks inside and around her private area of red, itchy bumps, not to mention the fact that she can never have unprotected sex again without transmitting the disease, which also means unless she has a partner willing to get the contagious disease, she will never have children. I was so shocked when I found out about it, and I’m still not over it… I feel so lucky, because I’ve taken risks like her too being with partners who I don’t know well and who have been with many people. It could just have easily been me who got an STD, I was with her that night and just thank god no one tried to take advantage of me, who was also in a weak and vulnerable state due to alcohol. You hear about STD in sexual education, but they never stress enough how common these diseases are and how many people have it, but just don’t tell you; sometimes because they don’t even know. I never expected myself or anyone I know, especially someone close to me to obtain an STD, I’m just glad that my friend found out from a doctor that she had it so that she knows not to spread it to others, because she’s not the type of person who would do that; but there are people out there with sexually transmitted diseases who know they have one but won’t tell you, because they don’t care about your health and they want sex.
Another major consequence is pregnancy, you could just get an abortion, but an abortion means the possibility of never being able to have kids. You could have the kid, but that means missing out on some prime, young years of a young mother or father, years that they will never get back. Not to mention, taking care of a kid includes a lot of suffering, because having a kid isn’t only time consuming, it’s expensive and teens are still living off of their parents, so you can only imagine how hard it would be on the teens if they had to work all the time to take care of their baby. There is also the third option, which is giving your child up for adoption, which, like an abortion can include life-long guilt and curiosity about their child and where they ended up; if they had a happy life.
I also think that sexual education should teach about teens’ drug and alcohol abuse and the state of mind it can put a person in, because it often leads to sex. When teens are not in their right state of mind, they do things that they normally wouldn’t do, things that they didn’t want to do, because of the moral and smart decision-making skills parents teach their kids.
Therefore, I want it to be known that obviously, schools shouldn’t encourage to have sex, but make the many consequences well known and keep them known by reminding them every semester .