Does Sex Education in Schools Encourage Teens to have Sex

High schools have no place encouraging students to engage in active sexual relationships. It is difficult enough to accept the education system has taken the role of sexual education from traditional family situations and institutionalised what is something that is far to complex to deal with relative to immature minds.

Family values often fall into conflict with the academic values taught in classes of sexual relationships and reproduction. Taken as a biological class, reproduction only covers the physical side of sex however to extend beyond this realm and somehow encourage children and young adults to start experimenting is inherently dangerous. The complexity of emotions and the high risk of such behaviour is not understood at a young age and schools should be concentrating on teaching responsible relationships and do their utmost to teach morality. This is not to say that students need to somehow be insulated from the reality of sex and physical relationships indeed it is important to teach a balanced and informed curricula that focuses more on the relationship dynamics than the act of sexual intercourse.

Children will experiment irrespective of what adults would have them do. Should schools begin to advocate sexual intercourse, the limits are suddenly removed and parental authority is completely undermined. Most parents object to schools teaching their children that alternative lifestyles are somehow normal’ because it completely makes a mockery of traditional family values. To complicate the matter even further, encouraging students to engage in physical sexual relationships removes yet one more level of parental control. While some may argue that parents have no place controlling their children, this is an inherently anti-social point of view that is responsible for the creation of more than one generation totally devoid of any sense of responsibility or self-respect. Premature sexual relationships is yet one more step in the process of stripping away acceptance of responsibility, and the spiral into self-loathing is exacerbated by what becomes a debasing experience as opposed to an experience of love.

Schools have absolutely no place encouraging or advocating for students to engage in sexual intercourse. To continue pushing such a social agenda is irresponsible and undermines cohesive family values. The appalling rate of divorce and short-term marriages are partly a result of younger generations having been excuses and root causes’ excusing behaviour that should have been corrected the instant it manifested. The resultant lack of acceptance of any responsibility is directly related to the lack of ability to understand the meaning of commitment, and more importantly the meaning of honouring a commitment.