Does Sex Education in Schools Encourage Teens to have Sex

The reason a statement such as this article title exist is because people mistakenly correlate sex education in schools with sexual activity of those same students being taught the information. That is, some people actually think that teaching kids about sex leads to sex.

No program should encourage sexual activity or discourage it completely; however sexual education programs in schools are incredibly valuable. They can be used to teach students about sexual health and the options available to be involved in safe sex. Really it is a social responsibility to ensure safety of all members of society and sexual education is just one way in which we can help teens make more informed choices about their sexual health. Plus teens sometimes need that extra boost of hard reality to see that irresponsible sexual lifestyles can lead to consequences that go far beyond just having a bad performance in bed.

Back to the people that feel teaching sexual health leads to sex. These people are misinformed, besides if teens did learn about sex from school education isn’t that better then learning about it from the media and from peers? At least through education, teens can be better equipped to deal with sexual situations.

This whole idea of teaching sexuality in direct relation to ‘morals’ is a disaster in the making. Many teens will engage in sex regardless of what they are told what ‘not’ to do based on morals. Isn’t it better that we equip them with the knowledge to engage in sex responsibly?

I conclude with this little thought: ‘If we teach teens that sex is ‘bad’ and ‘immoral’ won’t this just motivate them to pursue the taboo activity of sex even more? Its just like underage drinking; many teens report doing it because of the thrill of doing something forbidden. If they know the consequences and know how to be safe, they will make better decisions or at least we will have fulfilled our part of social responsibility to them.’