Easy Ways to tell if your Students are Cheating Easy Ways to keep them from doing so

For as long as teachers have been handing out tests and assignments, students have been coming up with new methods to get out of doing them. Cheating has been a part of class studies since the beginning of teaching history. However, there are ways a teacher can spot those students who are cheating or trying to pull a fast one.

Teachers have a major advantage when it comes to spotting those who try to get out of doing their work by copying someone else’s. The students sometimes fail to realize that the teachers are a consistent part of their lives, and they have come accustomed to their writing skills and technique. Therefore, one of the easiest ways a teacher can tell if a student is cheating, is simply by paying more attention to detail within their work. If a student delivers a complex paper, one that is completely out of character for them, then odds are, they copied it. Even so, giving them the benefit of the doubt is best, perhaps the subject matter just struck their interest and they really did deliver a very good paper. There are many free plagiarism checkers available online, and checking them before accusing the student of copying someone else’s work, is always best.

Another way a teacher can keep their class plagiarism free, is by coming up with fresh and unique subject matters, ones that would be difficult for the students to copy, giving them no other alternative, than to do their own research and assessments.

Check for off the wall answers, which do not match the exam or test at all. A lot of students will just copy the first page they come to without giving any thought at all to the actual topic of the assignment. Another give away is added material. If a student includes matters which were not covered in class, then that is almost a dead giveaway that they did indeed copy the paper.

There are many tools to check for plagiarism available for free, and even some more advanced software essentials that you can purchase, specifically designed for teachers and students to compare exams papers. Although the resources and tools available to check for plagiarism can be a big help to teachers; simple observation can be as well.

Teachers, you know your students and their class work ethic, and paying attention to a few key elements within their work, can also give you a heads up.

A lot of students cheat because they panic and do not understand the topic or subject matter. It is your responsibility as a teacher to provide them with the proper knowledge, and help build their ability and confidence level, and by doing this, the student will not feel the need to cheat.