Eating Etiquette

Learning how to eat at places other than McDonald’s and Burger King can be very valuable in life, especially if you work in the business world or you enjoy eating at formal restaurants.  High school can be a platform where students can learn how to eat at a formal restaurant and fit in.  Many young people can go to a nice restaurant and know exactly what to do and others haven’t got a clue.  This article will focus on the importance of having an eating etiquette class in high school.  One day, most everybody will go to a fine dining restaurant and the knowledge to know how to eat will be necessary.

1)  Too many young people have no idea what to do when going to a formal restaurant and having an eating etiquette class will help avoid embarrassment.  A high school student walks into an upscale restaurant and the number of spoons and knives confuse the student.  Putting the napkin on their lap is something they have never done before and to save face, an eating etiquette class could be taught in high school.

2)  Having an eating etiquette class in high school can prevent embarrassing the other people with whom you are with.  If you sit down at a business lunch at a fine dining restaurant and you begin eating, you have to know that when you finish cutting your meat, you don’t put the knife on the table, but rather across the top of your plate.  Talking to your business partners with your mouth full may not impress them very much and it would be great if every high school could teach the students eating etiquette.

3)  Learning how to eat properly in school prevents unwanted stares from wait staff!  People at formal restaurants will stare at you if you are eating improperly.  This may not be a concern for you and you may end up punching them, but to maintain decency, the best thing is to learn how to eat like a gentleman or a woman and fit in if you decide to go to a nice restaurant.

The opportunity to eat at a nice restaurant will eventually happen.  Maybe, you will eat at a nice place on your prom night, or after graduation, but whatever the occasion may be, learning how to eat in high school will prevent any future mishaps at a nice restaurant.