Besides your local politicians there are other people within the your community who have a certain amount of influence when it comes to getting things done. They each have an agenda that will help them to gain more power and/or acquire more money as time passes. Most people never see or know about some of those, so called, community leaders.

However, some of those people are well known to the other people who live in the same city or town, or the same county, or even the same country. They are the movers and the shakers who develope vacant land, teach our children, maintain our public property and/or protect us from criminals. There are also those people who are self-employed and own and operate one or more businesses within the community. 

You can believe that those who are politicians and/or business owners seek to maintain friendly relations with the local population. Otherwise, they would lose their Public Office or soon go out of business and have to move to another community where they are not known for past behavior.

There is no better way for a politician to campaign for Public Office than to show up at a high school sports contest, like a football or a basketball game. They can meet a whole lot of people, who have children who go to school, in one place at a particular time for the purpose of promoting their good deeds for the people who voted for them.

So too, local business people can sponsor a school sports team as a means of advertising that they are in business to serve the people within the community. Such people can also pay for school field trips to other places, like a museum, a park, or even a trip to the Nation’s Capital. They can also provide money for the school band and/or those high school sports teams.

The point here is that such community leaders want to give the impression that they care about the community and the also the people who live within that community. People who provide a service to others, like lawyers, doctors, commercial property owners and Real Estate devolopers also want to make a difference in the community but they have less of an impact on the total population, in regard to their community position. Still of all, those kind of service people also make a contribution to the public welfare of the community. As such, they can also, to a greater or a lessor degree, share some of the responsibility to contribute to school activities.