Educational Values of Social Networking

The life of a teenager in 2012 often includes Facebook, Twitter, My Space, and other social networking sites. Face-to-face communication is getting rare while tweeting, status updates, and posting links are occupying our teenager’s time. There is one good thing that comes from the “social network era.” Teenagers can obtain some educational value from using these sites.

First of all, the sites require teenagers to have some computer knowledge and skills in order to use them. They have to be able to turn on a computer or log-in to their phones to get to these sites. They have to know how to find the sites and register for profiles on the sites. Teens need to know how to log-on to the Internet, how to navigate pages, and how to use the keyboard to type. These are basic computer skills that all students need. It benefits students to learn how to use computers as young as possible. Computers play a major role in their college life and in the workforce.

Another advantage of social-networking sites in education is that they allow students to participate in collaborative learning. Students can communicate with teachers and other students outside of school. They can join education centered groups and networks. Often, the schools they attend will have a page that they can visit for news and other information. They can work on projects together using posts, links, and messages through social networking sites.

Finally, teenagers can use social networking sites to “have a voice.” Social networking sites give teenagers the opportunity to post interests, comment on a variety of topics, start discussions, chat with friends, and create personalized profiles. In some situations, this is the way teenagers hear the news or know what’s going on in their communities. Also, teenagers can read and post comments on other people’s statuses and links. This provides them with the ability to form and express their opinions. Often times, the ones who are quiet in class will find it easier to express their opinions using a computer.

So, parents- stop worrying! There are educational advantages to your children’s use of social networking sites. As long as parents are monitoring the use of the sites by their kids and do not allow them to dedicate all their time to being online, there are several advantages. Plus, there will be more collaboration of these types of sites in the classroom real soon.