Environmental Science as a Mandatory High School Class

Protecting Earth’s Future

Earth is a truly extraordinary planet. It is incredibly unique from the atmosphere that humans never touch right down to the deepest crevasses in the oceans that most humans will never see with the naked eye, from the luscious rainforests that are being depleted to the air polluted by carbon dioxide. Millions of people are uneducated about the planet on which they live. They do not know that their actions, even though minuscule compared to how large the planet is, could severely impact the lives of millions of others.

Many people do not take care of the planet they call home. Earth is just a place for them to throw their cares, or their garbage, away, and they have no idea how badly they are affecting the future of the planet. What would make people more aware of how humans are disrupting the natural cycle of the earth? How could people learn how to treat the planet like an endangered bird ready to soar into extinction?

The simple answer to these questions would be requiring high school students to take Environmental Science. It would give them an opportunity to see the future of the planet and the impact our daily decisions have on that future. It would enable them to grasp the affects of the choices humans have made in the past. They may decide to switch their unforgiving path to one of enlightenment and appreciation for what Earth offers its dwellers.

With a background on how the earth “revolves” in response to everyone’s actions, humans can make their lives better for the future of the planet. Environmental Science can show students that one person can make a difference. Refusing to buy products that emit harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. Replacing light bulbs that drain energy with those that are energy efficient. Learning how household and electronic waste is disposed of locally and statewide. Environmental Science can broaden the minds of its students to see what one may not have seen before. It is important for everyone to know how the world works and how humans help it function.

With Environmental Science as a mandatory subject for high school students, it broadens the mind of all those taking it, not only for the benefit of Earth’s future, but also for the personal benefits of the students. Learning about their home planet can help them to think about the future and make decisions based on what the earth’s outlook is projected to be. Who knows? Maybe an Environmental Science student will realize what his ancestors have done and change his own path for the benefit of species for generations to come.