Essential high school courses: Business and computing

A course in business should be required for all entering freshmen at high schools around the nation for it aids in computer literacy, which is a must in this technology-driven society. In almost any career field a college-bound student is planning on pursuing, computers and modern technology will play a huge role in the education and ultimate success of the person.

While writing research papers and typing essays has become a natural occurrence for high school teenagers, some do not realize that a rigorous business course would actually assist greatly. They could type more rapidly and use the Internet’s various features to their advantage. Many students have already mastered the basic copy and paste, how to manage a spreadsheet, and put on a short slideshow for projects, but how will that help in the long run? Managing a business would consist of constantly tracking purchases or supervising the payroll. Becoming an architect would involve long hours of putting your ideas into reality on a CAD program which will convert your plans into blueprints for the construction of the home or school you are developing.

Business courses in secondary schools familiarize students to programs that will be part of their daily lives forever. Did you know that Microsoft’s Excel can compute complex mathematical formulas and Word can determine the reading and writing level of your papers? Taking a course in business is beneficial to every student, no mater what path they choose in life due to the fact that computers and technology will only continue to become necessary as the generations become more hi-tech. Even now the person who is not familiar with how to forward emails is considered “out of the loop;” just imagine a decade from now, no one will be able to function without some sort of electronic device that can keep track of our schedule or send messages to friends without actually speaking.

Mandatory courses such as math, English, history and science are core subjects that give us a solid background to study almost anything you wish to study and pursue a career in. But soon enough, business will be added to the list of required courses to obtain a high school diploma because this world is full of innovative technologies that are slowly creeping into every single one of our lives, and one who cannot operate these computers and new devices will be out of luck and stuck working at a minimum wage career.