Excellent Teacher Traits

A good teacher can make a subject interesting. An excellent teacher can ignite a lifelong passion for a subject, and may even inspire a student to pursue a career in that area.

Teaching is a skill, and the ability to teach well is something that should never be underestimated. Whether it’s at school, college or further education, teaching quality affects how engaged students are with their subject. An excellent teacher will engage with their students and impart to them a desire to learn. There are many different factors which combine to make an excellent teacher, but one of the common traits is creativity.

Very few people learn well by sitting in a stuffy classroom and reading a textbook. Not only is it a dull way to learn, it also doesn’t take into account the different ways people take in information. Some people need information presented to them visually while others need to hear it, but even that is not enough to make it memorable.

A creative teacher can find a way to mix all the different styles of learning together to produce a class that is interesting, informative and ideally fun. They can make a subject come alive and ensure that their class is one you look forward to.

Creativity in the classroom takes many forms, it might be a game based on mathematical principles, or holding a class in the rain to learn about the weather.  A creative teacher is able to look around a classroom and not just see tables and chairs and students. They see opportunities. Tables and chairs can become props in a play, or be used to demonstrate balance or gravity. Students find themselves being part of a class rather than just watching a lesson, a remembering more because of it.

Most people can remember a teacher from school that made a good impression on them. You’re favorite teacher is unlikely to be the one who bored you to tears in class, it’s more likely to be the one who made lessons fun and interesting, the one who showed creativity in their lesson planning.

A good education is essential in life, and no-one, whether kids or adults, should be prevented from getting the best education they can because of poor teaching.  Good subject knowledge should only be the starting point of the skills a teacher has. They also need enthusiasm, understanding, good people skills, and of course, a great deal of creativity.

When it comes to education, excellent teachers should come as standard.