Excellent Teacher Traits Diligence

Diligence can be associated with devoted teachers. It can be a character trait that comes along with other qualities like patience, honesty and dedication. It can be a driving force that pushes mentors to consider teaching as a vocation and not merely as a profession. It can prepare instructors to face the gruelling task of moulding the lives of schoolchildren. It can allow painstaking sacrifices and generosity in sharing talent, time and treasure without counting the cost. It can be a steadfast and persevering gesture to help achieve the school’s vision, mission and goals. Ultimately, it can be an important attitude which most school adminnistrators desire to see among their members of the academic team.

Most outstanding teachers can be described as diligent. They may not have very high IQ’s, but they commonly have perseverance and common sense to cater to the needs, interests and capacities of every child. They can serve their schoolchildren even up to retirement time. In the process, these dedicated teachers may don’t mind if they write lesson plans everyday. They can prepare their lessons even after school time, either at home or in a special place. They can enjoy periodic structuring and restructuring of classroom gadgets and facilities. They ca be meticulous time to cut out letters, collect pictures and create bulletin board displays. They can showcase a learning environment which look wholesome and conducive for learning. They can pool audio-visual aids that attract interests and motivations of the learners.

The hardworking teachers can make themselves presentable and beautiful in order to become the best learning facilitator. They can capture attention and understanding by being personally interesting and dramatic at all times. They can be happy to achieve the ideal standard of classroom discipline and management. Generally, they can be open to criticisms and evaluation. And they can be very much willing to improve the next time around.

Diligent instructors can comply to curriculum making and designing. They can prepare syllabus, scope and sequence and progress reports, as well as anecdotal records. They can also attend faculty meetings, PTA assemblies and some forms of community outreach programs. They can share their talents as entertainers in some school programs and activities as singers, actors and speakers. They can believe in the common mission to serve. Thus, they can let the children and other people become happy and responsive.

Aside from taking the role as second parents, the diligent teachers can act as guidance counsellors, religion teachers and tutors in their respective classrooms. They can equip themselves with more knowledge and skills by taking time for professional development.They can have master or doctoral classes, seminars and workshops in order to keep abreast with the times. They can transform themselves as the silent disciples of Mother Teresa to perform ordinary things in an extraordinary way inside their classrooms.  

As professionals, the diligent teachers can perform services not because of the call of duty. They can initiate the call to their clienteles. They can be the silent working heroes. They can be contented to be at the background. They can find joy by making everyone enter into the wonderful world of learning. They can pioneer and organize scenarios that can lead to understanding the basics in life and the reasons for our existence. And they can have the usual battlecry  from the famous alphabet song which beckons: ” Boys and girls come sing with me. Let us sing the ABC.”