Excellent Teacher Traits Dynamism

Dynamism could be described as the most desirable trait in a teacher. A dynamic teacher, besides being passionate and enthusiastic about his or her job, exudes a positive energy and warmth through his philosophy and approach to teaching. A dynamic teacher shows leadership qualities and is fully aware of the fact that by leading the class, he can make them achieve what he wants.

When thorough knowledge of the subject matter makes a teacher highly professional, dynamism is a personal attribute which makes him endearing and a respected teacher for his students. Among other important teacher traits, this has a very high rating because it lies within the teacher to infuse vitality into the classroom, thereby increasing the effectiveness of teaching.

Teacher dynamism can motivate students by his excellent repertoire coupled by an aura of self-confidence. A dynamic teacher has the ability to bring out the best in students by way of his voice, body language, tone and entertaining presentations. Teacher enthusiasm can rub on even the passive students and kindle a positive attitude towards learning.

Dynamism and communication can often go hand-in-hand. Teachers can often be great communicators. This innate quality will come to fore in most of their sessions. Their communication will be peppered by examples of real life, inspiring stories, elevating experiences and a flair for drama and histrionics. These teachers exhibit high level of energy in their classrooms which they pass on to their students as well. A teacher’s ability to take the students to a different plane by instilling energy into them is an important variable in judging quality teachers and poor teachers.

Dynamism correlates a person’s level of charisma. Dynamic teachers excite the learners, steer them to the right path by taking charge of the situation. They can lead their students and help them scale  new heights.

Below are some thoughts on enhancing dynamics in the classroom.

Develop strong communicative skills Avoid monotony in the classroom by using eye contact, gestures and facial expressions. Vary your style of speaking by putting to good use elements of – tone, pitch, speed and inflection. Use different methods of interaction to boost your teaching sessions like-stories, dialogues, visual aids, technology- (clipping from the net, pod casts, videos) simulations and power point presentations- All these can give new dimensions to students perception and level of thinking. Videotape your sessions and invite opinions from colleagues and peers to develop a more confident, dynamic style of communication and to enhance credibility.

 A dynamic teacher is aptly described as an inspiring one, true to the quote below.

 The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” — William Arthur Ward