What would you do if a person decided to cause mental and/or physical harm to you for no good reason? For some reason that is unknown to you a person has decided to pick a fight with you. More often than not that person will be bigger and stronger than you, causing you to believe that you will be hurt one way or another.

You can run away or you can defend yourself to the best of your ability. After you are injured you can report that bully to law enforcement or your mother and/or father can do so for you. Many such abusive young people usually end up in a detension facility for a period of time, that place being a jail for people who are not adults. The judge can also require that bully to be examined by a medical doctor to determine if the bully is insane.

Failing that method of removing such a bully from your life you can fight back during a time and a place of your choosing. Doing so, it is an easy matter to sneak up on the bully and hit that bully on the head with a brick, a baseball bat, a rock or use some other object to cause physical harm to that bully. However, if that bully ends up dead or in a hospital because of what you did you can easily find yourself in that jail for people who are not adults and suffer the same punishment where that the bully should now be. Since that bully is bigger and stronger than you that is the only way for you to get even, even if you now become a bully to do so.

You believe in God but doing to others as others do to you can get you in a great deal of trouble. Like it or not, you have to stop that bully from beating on you or you will be the one in the hospital or dead at some time in the future.

The parents of such a bully must know or be informed that their child is hurting other young people for no good reason. If that bully ends up in a court of law the parents of the bully can also be held responsible for the behavior of their child. One or both of those parents can also be a bully who is teaching his or her child to do the same things to other young people and also to adults when the opportunity presents itself.

Just what kind of a parent wants their child to become a criminal or display criminal behavior? Stranger things happen to people who are alive on this Earth. You just have to be aware of those who might cause harm to you and then do your best to avoid such people.