Fighting Anxiety

Overcoming test anxiety, overcoming date anxiety, and overcoming the first time for anything anxiety can all be resolved with a little effort and a lot of practice. Anxiety is the repetition of negative thoughts, worries, and doubts. In other words, anxiety is derived from a lack of confidence; you doubt yourself. In my experience throughout high school and college it has been the people with low self esteem who suffer the most during test season. They are critical of themselves, so simple errors make them very nervous and upset. This is only self destructive behavior, especially on timed tests. Carefully calculated answers are important, so after about three questions you should always review your work and continue on. Test anxiety can be defeated with these simple methods of studying and test taking. First off I would suggest bringing gum, since your mind can be so challenged during the course of a test that even simple movements or thoughts become overwhelming. Gum helps you reserve the basic motion and thought process that your brain will attempt to revert from. This is an advanced form of “writer’s block.” We’ve all had it and it can leave you both mentally and physically exhausted.

When you stud,y have someone issue you a short verbal test. If you can ace the verbal test, odds are you’ve got the appropriate tools to pass the legitimate one that is coming. Test anxiety feeds off of importance so it’s hard to be confident when the outcome can be life altering. Think of the people that walk tight ropes between skyscrapers with no safety net. They have an advanced level of confidence in their physical abilities. Sometimes it can feel like your walking a tight rope when your last four months of hard school work boil down to one test. For these situations, you need to think about how many homework assignments you did based off of previous knowledge. You need to give yourself a confidence booster. Write down the things you know just right off your mind, write down the things you can remember finding interesting, write down the things you just recently learned, and build off the things you had previously gotten wrong. After that, not only will you be refreshed with the knowledge you need to pass the test, but you will be confident in what you know. The cure for test anxiety is simple it’s confidence in knowledge.