Five Magazines for High School Classrooms

Five magazines still deserve a place in the high school classroom. Magazines like newspapers have suffered growing pains in adaptation to the increase of consumers getting news from online editions. In the past the high school library with its magazine archive was one of the chief methods for students to gain information. Today, many magazines have embraced the online technology wave and appreciate the immediacy that news has today. These five magazines are worthy of classroom subscriptions and to have an online delivery for use in the classroom.


TIME magazine has adapted well to technology advances rather than allowing other online news services to take over their market. Still providing in depth feature articles and reporting, TIME magazine richly covers topics from business to politics, the environment to social issues, and international relations to education. The articles are worthy of research for students and provides quality information that is useful for teachers to remain informed on the issues of the day. The website has incorporated video interviews that have many possibilities for teachers to incorporate in lessons.

Mental Floss

Mental Floss is a fun magazine centered on bits of trivia, interesting facts and the types of content young hip teens are interested in. The magazine does not take itself too seriously, but contributes scientific, popular culture, and humanities trivia and articles of interest. On the website there are quizzes from listing the last ten Popes to the greatest football quarterbacks.  Spinning the Globe offers fun geography and international facts that would apply to many types of curriculum.

ID (Ideas and Discoveries)

ID (Ideas and Discoveries) magazine is a catchy modern magazine that provides quality informational text in an engaging way. This magazine provides unique looks at nature, psychology and even history. Many articles are related to science and the human body. This is a great magazine for high school science and social science teachers.

Popular Science

Popular Science magazine continues to be a mainstay for high school science magazines. In depth articles about current areas of interest are valuable for classes. This magazine covers inventions and the newest technology. It examines the scientific news in the world and often gathers information on social issues in a scientific way. An example of this is the examination about whether gun control legislation reduces gun deaths. The magazine examines whether or not there is any scientific data that supports the conclusions that societal groups possess.

National Geographic

Still one of the best informative magazines for education, National Geographic provides a wealth of information for educators in the area of international culture, environment, and animals. National Geographic stays contemporary by examining topics that are current educationally from stories relating to the Keystone XL Pipeline to articles on big cat attacks. Online photography and videos are valuable educational resources as well.

While magazines may have the stigma of being archaic for education, these five magazines continue to provide valuable current information that is valuable in the classroom.