Five Reasons why Children Truant

Getting a good education is an important foundation in a child’s life. Learning basic skills has been shown to help students throughout their lives. Unfortunately, many children skip school for a number of reasons. These are five of the most common reasons that students skip school.


Bullying is an unfortunate part of the education experience for many young students. Bullying takes shape in many forms, including physical attacks, verbal barrages, and even cyber bullying. This is also a reason that many students skip school. Students who are bullied feel victimized, and would prefer to avoid school to protect themselves from viscous attacks. It is the responsibility of schools to ensure that children are educated in a positive and safe learning environment free from such persecution. 


Many students also skip school due to boredom or feeling like they aren’t challenged. Results from a recent study revealed that less than 2% of children are never bored at school. This indicates that students may not like the way information is presented, or they just do not connect with the subject matter. As a consequence, many students opt to skip class entirely.

Dislike of Teachers

Going hand in hand with being bored, many students skip school because they dislike their teachers. Some students feel that their teachers do not care about their academic success, or did not create a stimulating environment for learning. Instead these students opted to hang out with friends as a protest to a system they did not feel benefited them.


Some students also skip school because they are exhausted. Many students balance rigorous academic schedules, extracurricular clubs and sports, and part time jobs. Students who try to balance all of these things often wind up exhausted, and may skip school as an opportunity to unwind and get some much-needed rest. Parents should consider all of the things their children are involved in before pressuring them too intensely to commit to too many activities. With a healthy balance of academic and social activities, students may be more motivated to return to school

Learning Difficulties

Some students also skip school because they do not understand the material. They may have a learning disability, or are just struggling to catch up on assigned material. These students may feel too shy or uncomfortable to talk to their problems with a teacher, so they avoid school instead. Teachers must create a positive environment that encourages students to ask questions and come to them for extra help. In a comfortable environment, hopefully students work hard and become more successful at their studies.

These are just five of the many reasons that students skip school frequently. Teachers and parents should take this information into consideration and encourage students to attend school, face their problems, and put themselves on the road to success.