Four Main Reasons for Bullying others

Bullying is not only a problem in schools. Though that is where it has become recently mainstreamed in the news and among the world. The act of bullying has been around for a number of years and has progressed from not only school yard trouble, but through technology making it more anonymous and easier to become cruel hearted towards one another. While there is no reason to bully another person there are some reasons that someone or a group of people may choose to pick on another person. Though at the time these individuals may think they have every right to tease, bully, or make fun of this other person they are doing damage to themselves as well. Often people are teased because they are different in some way and this makes them unlikable by an individual. This difference can vary from things such as intelligence, heritage, or something as small as the way the person wears their hair or clothes.

Included below are some of the key reasons people bully others. If you are a parent, a teacher or simply a friend and notice there is bullying going on in another’s life, stand up for them and help fight bullying. They may be too scared to defend for themselves, and turn to other means of stopping it such as a sad fate of suicide or other forms of self harm. Nobody deserves this horrible fate, so please, read this carefully and remember that we can all become a voice for those who are unheard and stop this from continuing.

They’re ‘different’

Often people are bullied because they are different in some aspect of life. This could be from the way they have their hair cut to the clothes they wear. As children we are taught that being an individual is important and a way to figure out who we are and what we are. However, often children and adults look at being dressed different or having color in your hair labels you as a ‘freak.’ Sadly this is most common in the age of Jr high to highs school students. The differences that should make people understand and communicate better are what pull them worlds apart. Clicks are formed, and outcasts are created.

Even the ‘outcasts’ may not be a type of click. No matter what a person dresses like, looks like, or the religion they possess, people should be accepting. However once a point has been made that this difference is not acceptable in their life, they may begin to bully or tease these other individuals, having others to follow them as well. It’s a vicious cycle, but it does happen every day even as adults. People are looked at differently in the workplace because of ethnicity or even gender.

They’re ‘overweight’

Being obese or overweight is one of the most common reasons that children, teenagers and adults are bullied. Being the ‘fat’ kid growing up is not what anyone wants to do. However with the rise in childhood obesity it has become harder for children to understand why this is such a negative thing on their lives. Parents are concerned and want to feed their children and make sure they are not hungry, true, but overfeeding and feeding junk food has become an issue as well.

Parents may not know that their children are being called named at school, even in older children, the teasing can continue. Teasing them telling them they are as big as a whale, calling them Shamus, or even things like oinking or mooing at them when they walk by. There is so much abuse that is caused to people who are overweight. The sad part is when it comes to bullying overweight people, there is no end. It can be done online, over text messaging, in the classrooms, outside of schools and in the work place. The looks, the comments, the body language, is all a form of bullying individuals that possess the extra pounds.

They’re part of the LGBT community

While this has almost always been an issue amongst people of all ages, it has become a much heightened political and social issue. The LGBT community is currently fighting for their own rights to be married, to be able to have the same rights as heterosexuals. The thing about the LGBT community is it is not only adults. Teenagers and some children know that they are of a certain persuasion and are proud even at a young age.

Girls, who want to be boys, and boys who might want to be girls are often mislabeled as cross dressers rather than a transgender individual. More often than not these are more commonly teased for their choices. Women who dress and appear like men in their lives are often misconstrued and labeled as derogatory terms for a lesbian. Same goes for a man whom feels as if they are women. They are often called gay, when in reality it is nothing of the sort.

Many people do not understand this lifestyle as common as it truly is among people and their friends. While they may not know it, most people do at some point in their life come in contact with somebody who is in the LGBT community. Bullying among this community is at a scary high rate currently, and still to this day with all the rights that they are fighting for, they still get picked on, teased, and bullied in vulgar and demeaning ways.

Again, it boils down to the fact that they are considered different among their peers. Everyone no matter who they are deserves to be loved as an individual for their personality. A person may not agree with somebody else’s choices or find them bizarre or strange, but that is not their place to judge. Being a friend is a lot easier than being a bully.

They’re educated

The education system is a powerful thing when it comes to school and students and even through adulthood. While being smart has never been considered a bad thing, being too smart can be. People often make fun of the people who are smart because they feel intimidated and it seems they think the smart kid can handle it. The truth is, the smarter children and adults have feelings just the same. Nobody wants to be bullied or teased at all.

People may wonder why the ‘nerdy’ kid gets teased or bullied in school and it all boils down to the first topic, they’re different. Differences in intelligence can cause inferiority with other people, and cause those who are more intelligent to begin to act dumb to avoid being teased. A person with intelligence should not have to be afraid to show that they are smart. They should be able to be proud and have pride that they’ve been honorable their entire life.

These are four of the main reasons that bullying occurs inside schools, outside of schools, and even in the workplace for adults. The truth of the matter is people need to be taught of tolerance and be aware that their actions have consequences. Bullies, or people who have been turned in for bullying should be required by their school, church, or other organizations to serve community service to elderly people, work together with kids from a different culture, or even be removed from the school and sent to mandatory counseling. This may sound extreme but until bullies are held accountable for their actions and learn any different the cycle will continue. Let us as a World, take a stand at stop bullying all together and teach acceptance and love among everyone. The values that many children are taught at a young age but seem to forget once they hit puberty.