Free Algebra help

It seems as if the school subjects are getting harder and harder now days. Being a nursing major, algebra is a very important subject for me to understand. The bad part… I hate Math. Period. Algebra is not a strong subject for me to begin with, and if I can find help with completing problems, I am all for it.

Have no fear, help is on the way! Before paying someone for help, check out the websites listed.They all offer FREE help with algebra. Here are some of the best sites I have found. is a really great site. It is easy to use and offers on line text and video lessons. On line tutoring is available, with a free 30 minute trial. Each lesson is sorted to make it very easy to find what you need help with. There is also a math message board that contains answers to questions, study suggestions, and more. offers lessons, worksheets, and calculators. This site is also easy to use and contains links divided into categories. The problems are given answers with easy to understand instructions. is my favorite website! Free tutors are available to assist with your problems. You will find help with Pre-Algebra, as well as Algebra 1 & 2. My only complaint is that this site contains way to many ads it takes a bit of searching to find what you are looking for. Video lessons are available. There are over 10 million users of this site. contains an area for teachers, as well as kids of all ages. This site includes a algebra success lesson which is very cool. It is motivation for those frustrated with the subject. The site is very easy to use as is colorful and designed nicely. There are games to play to help teach the subject, as well as practice lessons and homework help. is a quick, basic site that allows you to solve your algebra problems on line, and receive a response if it is wrong or right. You will be able to see the steps taken to solve the problem. It is a fairly new site with new features being added. It is a great site to help you with those problems you just can’t figure out. is a beat site to use. It comes complete with pictures, worksheets, and problem solving assistance. The lessons are created for beginner algebra students, linking it with fun things people can relate to, making it extremely easy to learn the subject and your problems.