Freshman High School

Anyone that is starting something new can expect to face challenges.  One of those challenges that nearly everyone faces is that of being a freshman in high school.  The day will come when a child gets to that point in their life when they will face their freshman year, and there are certain things to be expected.

1.  Recruitment is one of the things a new freshman can expect to face.  The juniors and seniors are always on the lookout to recruit new students for their clubs, athletics, and other groups of the like.  The pressure can be hard at times, especially if the new student is hesitant.  The new freshmen should remember that they don’t have to make a quick choice, but rather take their time and choose what is right for them.

2.  A new freshman can expect to be judged in various areas of their life when they enter high school.  The older students will look at their appearance, intelligence, and how they act.  It will seem like all eyes are on the freshmen, and the trial will last all year.  Immediately, they will be classified as “wanna-bees”, nerds, “preppy”, or people who do what they say.  Depending on the group that the freshman is classified into will determine which friends they attract.

3.  The academics will be a whole new world for the first year students at high school.  There will be a lot more requirements from the teachers, and the students could feel over loaded if they do not prepare for it.  The next step after high school is college, and therefore, it is the job of the high school to get the students ready.  A lot of time will be needed to complete the requirements, and suddenly, the freshman is going to feel the need to quit, at least once.  The student can prepare well by knowing what classes they will be taking the first year and try to read and study ahead into those classes.

A freshman always has many tests that they will face in their first year.  However, even though it will seem like an eternity, the year will pass and life will move on.  It is really not all that bad, as long as the student prepares to deal with the issues that will come up such as recruitment, being judged, and the increased difficulty in the classes that will be taken.