Freshmen Tips on being a Freshman High School

This is a huge milestone, four more years of school and then off to work or on to college. Still as a freshman in high school there are  certain rituals and expectations one needs to know about. Once again you’re low man/woman on the totem pole, so you will be ribbed by higher classmates. Don’t fret, this is a right of passage and next year as a Sophomore the opportunity to partake in these Freshman initiations will be yours to enjoy as well.

As a freshman learning the high school may seem tedious, but rest assured within a few days you’ll know exactly where your classes are and who your teachers will be. If the opportunity presents itself to familiarize yourself with the high school at enrollment, then by all means take the time to scope out those classes and where they are located.

Part of being a Freshman for some schools is a weeks initiation. So as a Freshman you might be asked by the Senior Class to take part in doing silly things or wearing certain clothes. Some of these things could be walking backwards to class, or wearing your clothes inside out, or greeting your Senior Classmates with a certain greeting of their choice. While it might be a bit embarrassing, remember those Seniors at one time were asked to do the same thing. So enjoy this time, it’s all about you this first week.

Of course as a Freshman you can expect the layout of the school to be different. One class may be in one wing of the school and another on the opposite side. The gym and sports areas might be located outside the main school too. If able double up on carrying books and make as few stops by the locker as permits, then it won’t be a mad rush from one class to another.

The whole atmosphere of high school is different than junior high and grade school. Being a Freshman means these last few years of school could pass by quickly. The test, school work, activities and so on are geared towards encouraging a high learner. If at all possible put every effort into paying attention and doing the homework assigned. No one is going to hold your hand and reassure you that after a nap you’ll be okay. There is no nap time in High School.

Start your first year off with a good impression on the teachers. Address them properly, do your homework, be kind to fellow school members, and above all else relax and enjoy this. These are the last four yours of your young life. Once out of High School a lot more will be expected of you.

Go get em Freshman. Put a smile on your face and be proud of being a who you are! You’ve got a lot to look forward. Homecoming, proms, dances and everything else. So those upper classmates you’re not scared.